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  • time for innovation

    In our world, innovations are all around us. Smart phones, MP3s, better cars, instant communication and even seedless watermelons ... but there is one thing that has not gotten the innovation treatment...
    The clothes we wear! It's time for a change!

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    a new way

    Proactive Light™ is a new process for making materials and plastics light-up, while only requiring a very small bit of power. This patent pending technology will allow for completely new forms of self-expression!

  • The bright bag competition

    We are on the search for new talent to create unique and innovative styles for illuminated apparel accessories.
    This competition is to create 3 bag designs that incorporate proactive light™.

What's this all about?



Good design is always a must.

Glowing material

Proactive Light™

New material technology designed to enhance the contours of clothing.

Snowborder with glowing backpack


Finally, what's the point in doing something,
if you can't look good doing it!

Yes, we're a start-up... and we love it!!

Life in a big city is fun, lights are all around us, yet it's hard to stand out in this bustling backdrop.
It's hard to make yourself be seen. It's time for our clothes and accessories to really make use get noticed.
So, we have been working on material technologies for the last 2 years and finally have cracked it. We call it 'Proactive Light'™.

We are now working on integrating this into a range of apparel products that we plan to be launching soon.


We know how important it is to look good. Our mission is to make the next generation of apparel. Not just because it's cool but because we want to wear it too!


Question; do you want to stand out... or just be another face in the crowd?


We are working hard to use only environmentally friendly materials and will never use products from animals.

Proactive Light™

cyclist with glowing backpack


Proactive Light™ differs from traditional visibility techniques, by generating its own light.

Water Resistant

The material is protected by a plastic sheath that is integrated into the material, making it water tite.

No Heat

Cool to the touch, thanks to its inner core and high efficiency. No heat is generated in the material.


The power needs are so low, the lights can even be run from a USB connection.


We can generate material and lines in almost any color you can imagine.
except black....sorry!

Ready for the World

Our Proactive Light™ is ready and we are working hard to get it into your hands.

In so many words

  • Low energy
  • No Heat
  • Flexible
  • Any length
  • Unique

Light: Reactive VS Proactive

We are all familiar with reactive lights; they are items/things that require an external light source, like reflectors and high visibility jackets.

Reactive lighting only works best when you are in the direct path of the light source and it will fail if you are adjacent to it (e.g. clothes are not naturally reflective). So a driver of a car may see someone directly in front of the head lights but when the pedestrian or cyclist is beside the car... ***CRASH*** so, with reactive light, an item like a visibility jacket would not provide much help to be seen.

Proactive Light™ on the other hand, generates its own light. This innovative concept allows for further, high visibility when external lighting is not directed at the material.

proactive light in yellow

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We are launching a new International brand and want your designs at its heart.

What we're looking for...

You show us a new and unique design proposal for a range of bags that utilize Proactive Light™. Your proposal should include 3 bags (from the categories listed below). Your 3 bags can be completely different or variations of the same bag. All your designs must share the same style and be targeted to the same demographic.

We will be looking for exceptional concept drawings (one in daylight and another in low light to highlight the Proactive Light™ and its placement). Based on the designs you submit, you may be shortlisted (selected for final consideration). If shortlisted, you will need to provide the design templates/master patterns for a manufacturer to produce the finished product.

The winners will be selected based on their concepts and the accuracy of their patterns. For the right designer, this will be a chance to have direct input into an apparel line that will be launched worldwide. First fill in the competition sign up form below. You will then be contacted with more information about the submission process.

While you are waiting to be contacted, please review the options below to get an idea of what you would like to create.

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Dublin, Ireland